Little Learners

Welcome to the Little Learners Room

Our Learners room (3-5year olds) aims to provide children with new opportunities and experiences that help them become competent and confident individuals.
Our Curriculum Statement –
We strive to provide a friendly, safe, caring and inviting environment that acknowledges each child’s uniqueness, his or her family and background.
We strive to nurture and build on the children’s independence, confidence and their ability to communicate effectively, in partnership with you, their families.
We strive to explore and develop their current interests/knowledge and create meaningful opportunities for them to expand these and explore new ideas.
These objectives are achieved through the implementation of an emergent play-based curriculum, in conjunction with Aistear, the national curriculum framework.
Play-based learning is an enjoyable, age-appropriate and important way for children to acquire and develop many of the pre-academic skills require for school, such as independence, gross and fine motor skills, communication and social skills.
We facilitate a number of different play-based experiences daily, some of these include:
Sensory Play
Sand and water play are provided for the children to help develop and explore their senses. We also create play dough on a daily basis and explore Kinectic Sand with the children. These activites help the children to develop their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills.
Small World Play
We provide figures, animals and different homes and habitats for the children to engage with and expand their imaginative play. We also have a home corner and dress up area for the children to role play different senarios.
Arts & Crafts
In all art and craft activities, our ultimate focus is on the process the children undertake rather than the final product. We provide a range of resources and equipment for the children to explore cutting, sticking, drawing and painting.
Outdoor Play
Outdoor play is of vital importance to young children’s development and overall health. It provides children with the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills and connect with the natural environment. It also provides the ideal opportunity for children to partake in risky play, where they are supported to undertake their own risk assessment.

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