Little Invetors

Welcome to the Little Inventors room

Our little inventor’s preschool room runs from 9.30-12.30pm and caters for children aged 2 and 8 months to 5 and 6 months old. We follow a freeplay model of preschool incorporating the Aistear curriculum and the Siolta quality standards. The weekly and monthly themes are based around the emerging interests of the children. The classroom has many areas of interest such as: construction, transport, home corner, shopping, mark-marking table, reading corner, doll house and small world play. Other areas of interest are dinosaurs, jigsaws, threading beads as well as sand play and a water tray.
Our daily routine includes greeting the children with a warm welcome in the morning. The children hang up their coats and bags, wash their hands and then choose their activities and toys to play with. In the morning, the children engage in freeplay during which the practitioners interact, facilitate and observe social interactions between the children. As part of our routine, the children are encouraged to work independently and participate in tidy up time together with support from the practitioners. As part of our morning we carry out circle time. Here we interact and develop our social, language and communication skills. An important part of our daily routine involves snack time, which children bring in themselves from home. To promote independence, practitioners encourage children to take out and tidy away their lunch themselves when they are finished.
After snack time an activity such as painting is organised as per planned curriculum and based on the interests of the children. Lastly, the children enjoy going to our large outdoor area. This area consists of two picnic tables, football goals, a sandbox, climbing frame and a slide. This equipment encourages the children to participate in games and movements. Bikes and scooters allow the children to take part in risky play while also developing their gross motor skills. Opportunities to interact with nature are also available during outdoor play. During collection time, parents and practitioners have the opportunity to communicate and discuss their child’s day.

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